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11 reasons to use a Disney Travel Agent for your trip

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Many of our customers come to Mom Approved Costumes because they are planning a trip to Disney and want to find cute, comfortable dresses for their little ones to wear to the parks or on a cruise. (That is one of the reasons I started the Mom Approved Disney Planning Group on Facebook) 

What is the Mom Approved Planning Group?  It is a fun group of Travel Agents, Disney Bloggers, seasoned Mommas, first timers, 3rd timers, 20th timers, Annual Pass Holders, Locals and a GREAT group of Mommas to talk Disney, ask ANY Disney question and have some fun! www.facebook.com/groups/Mom.Approved.Disney.Planning/

One of the common questions people ask is should I use a Travel Agent. Well let me give you 11 reasons why you should.

I was talking to a friend last night who is planning a trip to Disney World. The thought of planning was stressing her out completely. She was totally overwhelmed. 

I told her STOP. Take little bites, or you will choke!! Disney is supposed to be fun, not stressful!

You don't have to plan it all in an hour. Or a day.
Yes, you can plan every little bit by yourself, or you can use a TA to help with as much or as little as she wants.
But she's a control freak...Guess what? Even control freaks can use a TA!

Here are some things she did NOT know:

1) Travel Agents are FREE to you. 

Q: But how is that possible?
A: It doesn't cost you a single penny extra to book through an agent vs. booking directly with Disney. Suppliers like Disney pay a commission to the agency for trips that are booked through them.

2) But I've already booked my trip, how can I use a travel agent?
Guess what, if you have booked in the last 30 days and have not paid in full, your trip can be transferred to a TA.

3) When a sale or promotion comes out, your TA will automatically "upgrade" you to the new deal if it is available.

4) If you don't want to do your own dining reservations, your Agent will get up and do them 180 days out at 6 am central time. You can sleep. Or you can do them if it makes you happy- they can help you figure out which ones are a good fit for you.

5) Your TA can find the resort that is right for YOU, based on your needs and budget. We could open up a conversation about a particular resort and we would get 100 different opinions about it. 

  • Everyone's trip is different
  • Park tickets cost the same no matter where you stay. Budget for the resort is the biggest factor for how much your trip costs
  • Flying or driving sometimes makes a big difference
  • Having littles or teens makes a big difference
  • Being able to cook or just grab something to eat late may be important
  • I could keep going...

6) Your TA can help you pick what park on what days to maximize your fun.

7) Your TA can do your FastPasses early in the morning 60 days out if you want them to so you can sleep in (or you can if its fun for you)

8) Your TA can help you figure out of the Dining Plan is worth it for your family.

9) Your TA can help you with a touring plan or itinerary, or you can do some or all of it!

10) Your TA has lots of tricks and tips up their sleeve they can share based on what you and your budget.

  • Example #1: Your daughter wants to do the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. A good TA knows tricks like suggesting MAC dresses instead of the itchy Disney ones ;)
  • Example #2: You want to go see Philharmagic, and they suggest one of you sneak over to the gift shop outside of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction-WITHOUT your kids and getting the little bag of gems for 6.95. Ariel "throws" gems in the show, you can magically find a few on the floor after (and share some magic with the families around you).

11) If something should go wrong, they have your back. You can continue with your trip while they get things straightened out.

P.S. I used WDW as an example, because that is where my friend is going- but the same level of help is available for Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland or even Adventures by Disney.

P.P.S. The only thing you can not do with a TA is modify your reservation- change, cancel or move dates. But they are only an email or text away. 

We do not allow our Mom Approved Disney Planning Group Travel Agents to post as Travel Agents (or even infer they are one), only to post as Disney Fans and experienced Mommas. We are all bombarded by advertisements all day. There, you get a break from that - as the only "selling" you will see is from Mom Approved Costumes and that is rare ;)

BUT we do keep a list of group participating Travel Agents listed by last name in our files section so you can find your favorite friendly TA!

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Updated 10.31.17

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