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Mom Approved Tips for Disney Trips

In addition to loving all things dressup, we are big Disney Fans! Huge.  Many of our customers are too, and find us when looking for comfortable dresses or costumes for their Disney trips! Per your requests, we developed this page to share some of the most common questions we receive about Disney trips and share some of our mom approved resources. 

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Q: What should I wear to the park?

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A: Florida is pretty warm all year, so layers are key in Spring, Fall and Winter months.

For adults, I recommend comfortable shorts, leggings or skirts with breathable tops. I usually throw a t-shirt weight cardigan in my bag for cooler mornings, evenings or in restaurants. Personally, I love to Disneybound with stretchy waist skirts that look cute and keep me comfortable!

For girls, our little girl literally wears dressups every single day to the parks all year round (even in summer) with little shorts underneath. It really can be comfortable in summer, you just have to pick the right dressups! Her trips are more magical BECAUSE she's in costume-  she has a tendency to catch special attention from Cast Members, her character meets are longer and more interactive, she feels more "into" it/more in character,  and when in Rome, why not?! We save her cute Disney tees for school!

Every girl is different, but I find when your girls become pre-tweens or tweens they may want to wear less little princess-y type dresses and may choose to dress in what I call the sassy princesses: Moana, Elena, Mulan, Tiana, Pocahontas, Merida, Rapunzel, villains or wear the peasant day dresses- like Belle's Blue Peasant Dress. Again it depends on your girlie, I have seen many a princess in her tweens in a full Cinderella dress having a BLAST! Personally, I think you are NEVER to old to be a princess- but Disney says 14 and up can not wear a costume unless it is a special event (like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party).

For boys, that gets a little trickier! Every boy is different and usually they will wear a costume when they are little, but when they get a little order- near 7ish (depending on who they are hanging around), they may not want to! Others will gladly dressup all day, not just for a special character meal! When they hit their teens, good luck getting them to wear anything other than solid Under Armor or Nike shirts! (but you can coordinate those if you want to everyone else.

For cold nights for princesses: throw a pair of tights and a cloak in your bag to keep the chilly air of your little ones shoulders and legs. Our little one uses her cloak as a blanket in the stroller!

Note: One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see folks doing in the parks is layering princess dresses over clothes, that can make a kiddo hot! Mom Approved Costumes are comfortable enough to wear (not itchy or scratchy) you don't need to put anything underneath it (though I do put little cotton boyshorts/biker shorts underneath)

Shoes are SUPER important. Take at least 2 pairs of comfy, well broken-in shoes to the parks. You may walk 15,000-25,000 steps per day! We typically wear our favorite tennies (even with princess dresses- cute shiny tennies are adorable), hiking sandals made for walking, but please don't wear cheap flip flops! And for the love of all things precious, leave those terrible plastic princess heels at home! 


Q: Are your dressups hot? (because Orlando and California sure can be!)

A: We really don't think so. My daughter wears hers in August (with a few exceptions), and she sweats no more than I do. Orlando weather is nearly identical to Houston. We believe most can be worn year round in Orlando because:

  • They are very lightweight and dresses with thin, durable, velvet bodices breathe well 
  • If you ride a water ride, the dress will dry quicker than her hair
  • We get lots of feedback from customers going to Disney in warmer months that their daughters were still in their dresses by the end of the day while others in their group changed out of them


Tiana dress on princess at Walt Disney World

Q: There is so much info out there on Disney planning, I need help!

A: The internet is FULL of info out there (and not all of it is good) and it can make a trip seem super overwhelming. if you don't have a Travel Agent, think about getting one. IT COSTS THE EXACT SAME. Seriously. Booking with a TA costs the exact same as booking direct! If you already booked your trip if you are within 30 days of booking and you are not paid in full, you can transfer your trip to a TA.

I created a Disney Planning Group on Facebook just for our Mom Approved customers and fans that has many Disney veterans that are willing to help you with any question. Strollers, where to stay, things to do etc!

Also, make sure you check out our  The Mom Approved Blog for lots of Mom Approved Travel Fun!

In addition, we have a few trusted tips and resources we would love to share with you:

  • The Mom Approved Disney Planning Group on Facebook - a great place to ask any Disney trip questions to real moms.  No "stupid" questions here. How to save, where to eat etc. Our group is solicitation free, so you won't have people hocking their services or wares, just the occasional MAC post!
  • Need a Travel agentContact us or we also keep a TA list in our planning group, but don't allow Travel Agents to advertise in the group
  • Check our Pinterest boards for penny pressing, height requirements, our favorite Disney blogs, how to extend the magic when you get home etc!
  • Strollers are your friend. Seriously. Even for older kiddos- Disney is the only place my kiddo has used a stroller since the age of 3. It is NORMAL and ok to get a stroller for even 7 or 8 year olds, especially in warmer months!! You can leave the stroller in parking areas, and at the end of the night pushing a sleeping child is MUCH MUCH easier than carrying one. It helps with endurance- its like they are at recess all day long. They don't get a gold star for NOT having one- and neither do you!
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Even in cooler months. When someone gets grumpy, throw a drink and a snack at them as a first line of defense and then wait a few minutes.
  • If you want to avoid big crowds, as a rule of thumb, try to go when kids are in school. There are a bunch of crowd calendars out there, but remember those are just guesses! I don't have one I feel is super accurate. Use common sense, weekends will nearly always be busier than weekdays. A few days before and after holidays or 3 day weekends will be busier. Periods near cheer/sport competitions, Run Disney Marathons and special events are going to be busier. Disney is using promos to fill in typically lower crowd periods" so don't go expecting low crowds, pretty much ever. Christmas to New Years is literally the busiest week of the year- insane crowds.
  • What time should you get to the park? Set yourself up for success. Here's the deal, if your people are not early morning people at home, they are not going to magically be early morning people at Disney (especially if you had a time change) Rope drop is not for everyone.

    Being there when the park opens also known as "rope drop" is nice, but make sure you don't try to rope drop after closing down a park the day before. Pace yourself- you can be there 2 weeks and still not see it all.

    If you arrive later in the day, you can still enjoy your day, but you will need to choose your Fastpasses more carefully.

    A little girls eating a Mickey Bar in a Cinderella Costume

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